Fifty-five worship songs for men

  • This is a true story.

    I’m getting ready to speak to several hundred guys at a men’s event. Let me say it again: a men’s event. And the band is leading us through this song:

    Your love is extravagant
    Your friendship, it is intimate
    I feel I’m moving to the rhythm of Your grace
    Your fragrance is intoxicating in our secret place

    Why do worship leaders choose such girly songs, filled with romantic imagery, even when they perform at men’s events?

    Well, now they don’t have to. I asked one of my readers, Jeffrey Painter, to assemble a list of good worship songs for men. He came up with fifty-five. Consider this a down payment. If someone would like to expand this list, let me know.


    1. Solid Rock – Delirious
    2. Our God – Chris Tomlin
    3. I Will Follow – Chris Tomlin
    4. Awakening – Chris Tomlin
    5. Your Grace Is Enough – Chris Tomlin
    6. Indescribable – Chris Tomlin
    7. Holy Is The Lord – Chris Tomlin
    8. How Great Is Our God – Chris Tomlin
    9. On Our Side – Chris Tomlin
    10. Mighty Is The Power Of The Cross – Chris Tomlin
    11. God Of This City – Chris Tomlin
    12. Exalted (Yahweh) – Chris Tomlin
    13. Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
    14. Not To Us – Chris Tomlin
    15. Famous One – Chris Tomlin
    16. Awesome Is The Lord Most High – Chris Tomlin
    17. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Chris Tomlin
    18. The Noise We Make – Chris Tomlin
    19. Better Is One Day – Matt Redman
    20. Come Let Us Return To The Lord – Matt Redman
    21. Salvation – Charlie Hall
    22. Revolution Cry – Jason Wade
    23. You Are God Alone – Phillips, Craig, and Dean
    24. My Hope Is In You – Third Day
    25. King Of Glory – Third Day
    26. By His Wounds – Mac Powell & Brian Littrell
    27. What If His People Prayed – Casting Crowns
    28. If We Are The Body – Casting Crowns
    29. Voice Of Truth – Casting Crowns
    30. East To West – Casting Crowns
    40. God Be Merciful To Me (Psalm 51) – Jars of Clay
    41. We Win! – David Crowder Band
    42. Here Is Our King – David Crowder Band
    43. All Because of Jesus – Steve Fee
    44. Awesome God (Your Voice) – Vicky Beeching (change a few words & it would be great!)
    45. Blessed Be Your Name – Tree63
    46. I Am Free – Newsboys
    47. Alive – POD
    48. Strong Tower – Kutless
    49. Word Of God Speak – Mercy Me (Kutless Version)
    50. Here Am I – Mercy Me
    51. You’re Worthy Of My Praise – Jeremy Camp
    52. Walk By Faith – Jeremy Camp
    53. My Fortress – Jeremy Camp
    54. Hero – Skillet
    55. Rebirthing – Skillet
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    March 2nd, 2011 | David Murrow | 28 Comments | Tags: , , , ,

About The Author

David Murrow

David Murrow is the director of Church for Men, an organization that helps congregations reach more men and boys. In his day job, David works as a television producer and writer. He's the author of four books. He lives in Alaska with his wife, three children, three grandchildren and a dachshund named Pepper.

  • James

    HEY THATS MY DAD!!!!!!!

  • Bryan

    When I read this, I went to my old CD case and dug done deep. Found an old DeGarmo and Key CD. Not really “praise and worship” necessarily, but how about these: Rock Solid, Boycott Hell, Destined to Win, etc.

  • Jki2001

    another song i have just come across is not,per say, a church song. it is a song to listen to for inspiration if you are struggling. it is creed’s “good fight”. this song is not necessarily religious, but it reminds me to fight satan and go to battle for the right things. btw, david’s book( why men hate going to church) is a game changer! loved it!!

  • Nod Nedlaw

    Just used the following songs (plus several on your list) at our men’s event: We Are Hungry (rock version) – Brad Kilman; Majesty – Garrard/Smith; Holy Fire (Empty Me) – ? (Third Day?); Mighty to Save – Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan (Hillsong United); Glory to God Forever – Steve Fee, Vicky Beeching; Everlasting God – Benton Brown, Ken Riley; Jesus Paid it All – Kristian Stanfill, Alex Nifong. All keyed in singable ranges, of course! – that’s really important

  • Dadams

    I just finished reading “The Map” for the second time. We have a group of men in Northern New England who get together the first Monday of every month and will be using this teaching. I am excited to see these men and the movement of the Holy Spirit that will occur. I lead music at my church. How about
    “Victory Chant”……”Hail, Hail, Lion of Judah, How powerful you are”…as a matter of fact I will be closing with this song tomorrow. It occurred to me that a lot of us got stuck in the first journey and thought that is where we were supposed to stay. Lets hit the MOUNTAIN!!!

  • BassistSam

    I think we as men have to get over the mindset that songs are ‘girly’ or ‘manly’. Singing praise to God requires us to also sing of his relationship with us, His love, His beauty, and His friendship. I know plenty of men (including myself) that are comfortable with their own sexuality that singing these songs is no problem. Plus, many of the ‘girly’ worship songs are written by men as well…

  • SteveW

    I would add the following: 
    – Light Up the Sky by The Afters- Neighborhoods and In Christ by Big Daddy Weave
    – Working Man by New World Son
    and by Steven Curtis Chapman (who wrote the book “A Look at Life from a Deer Stand”) Live Out Loud, Dive, God is God, Fingerprints of God, Whatever ..and several others.
    There is some great music out there, we just need a brother to point us in the right direction. ;-)

  • Lutherkehrt

    How about a list of hymns for men that weren’t written in the last 20 years for rock band? Many of us have a more conservative theology and style –  I note Rock of Ages in a comment – more of those please, and less of the trendy modern stuff.

  • Guest

    “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” – Luther
    “He Arose” – C. Wesley”This is My Story””Our God Reigns””The Easter Song” – 2nd Chapter of Acts (One of my dad’s favorites, I might add)”My Glorious”-Deleriou5″Shout to the North””Be Bold, Be Strong””Micah 6:8″ – Bob Skiar”Fear Not” – Phil Pringle

  • Art Baker

    WOW.  Good to see this response.

  • will

    Not only that the lyrics matter so does does manner of music played by the instruments.

  • Jakemidi

    How do you feel about the worship at a men’s meeting being led by women? I recently had a conversation with a men’s ministry leader who believes it can be distracting or somehow otherwise not as effective as songs sung by men. I’m not talking about live, but this ministry tends to sing along with YouTube worship videos, etc. Is there something wrong with men singing along with the likes of Hillsong or Kari Jobe or other female worship leaders?

  • David Murrow

    I don’t see anything wrong theologically with a female song leader, but I think it’s more appropriate to have a man in that role. If a church can’t come up with a male musician what does that say about the church?

  • Jason Hunt

    ‘This Fragile Breath’ by Todd Agnew. It speaks of God’s power.

  • John King

    Rise by Shawn McDonald

  • will

    1 Timothy 2:12-15

    I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. 13For Adam was formed first, then Eve;
    14and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor.
    15Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.

  • Mary Wagner

    I know you are looking for comments from men and most of you are evangelical Christians from non-denominational churches, so this will be a switch for this thread. I am a Catholic woman who recognizes the emasculation that has happened in our church, too. I love Church for Men and recommend it all the time to fellow Catholics.

    I’m going to take some cues from your “guy-friendliness” test to answer the question for Catholics. The music should be excellent in quality, thus perhaps necessitating auditions or an invitation to be in the choir or to cantor. It should be led by a man when possible. Male cantors should be used at least half the time. If there is a choir or schola, it should be comprised of half men, thus avoiding the composition of church choirs I see so often, which are typically 90% women over 50. I can’t imagine a 25 year old young man lasting long at a church with a choir of mostly women old enough to be his mother. (Nothing against being a woman over 50, but being one myself, I can say this with no disrespect to my peers. )

    I told a Catholic priest, who is a man’s man, about Church for Men and asked him what he thought would draw and keep men in the Catholic Church. Interestingly he said a return to the Latin Mass. This is probably quite foreign to most of you, but what he is talking about is a service which emphasizes an encounter with Christ who now reigns as King, who has deigned to come to earth to die out love for us, while still a God of transcendent majesty. What doesn’t work are songs about how wonderful we are because of our cozy fellowship with each other as we hang out with our brother, a touchy-feely, fuzzy Jesus (to use the words of my nephews). The kind of music that would show up in such a setting is ancient Latin Gregorian chant and polyphony, that has a timeless mystery about it that suggests our reaching up to heaven itself. I know a handful of Evangelical young men who have been drawn by the timelessness and mystery of such worship or that of a similar type in Orthodox churches and in some more traditional Anglican churches and have actually left non-denominational churches to join them.

    Alternatively, there are those wonderful rousing old English hymns best accompanied by a great organ, many of which have crossed denominational boundaries:
    “A Mighty Fortress” (believe it or not, we Catholics sing Martin Luther’s hymn, too),
    “Rise Up O Men of God”,
    “For All the Saints”,
    “Alleluia, Sing to Jesus” ,
    “Holy, Holy, Holy” ,
    “Lift High the Cross”,
    “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”,
    “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name” or
    “Crown Him With Many Crowns”.
    Then there are the overtly militant hymns like
    “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and
    “Onward Christian Soldiers”

    These songs have strong melodies and speak of an omnipotent God and King, who still, most inconceivably, is our personal savior and wants a relationship with us.

    Make no mistake, many of us women, too, are tired of songs that are saccharine in melody, lyrics, or presentation.

  • David Murrow

    Thank you Mary, I’m always happy to see our Catholic brothers and sisters commenting on the blog. Glad to hear you’ve forgiven Martin Luther for what happened 496 years ago!

  • Gill

    I am the worship leader in our church and am looking for less feminine songs (though not convinced that it is a problem in the first place) I have been working through this list and a lot of the songs are so ‘samey’ with no strong melody – not all of them but a lot of them. So far I’ve got to song 22 and only found 2 songs that have caught my attention (other than the ones I already know) Lets not only look for men’s songs but songs that have a unique distinct melody.

  • Andrew

    If your heart was in the right place you wouldn’t think “why is this song so girly?” you would not think about the song at all but focus on the holy,righteous, sinless, perfect King of Kings you are singing to . I am 28 years old think of my self as a mans man for goodness sake my name means “Manly” – Andrew, is my name. Some of the closest moments in my life are singing a song of worship to my Saviour, my Redeemer its an awesome time of fellowship with Jesus .

  • Peter Bowyer

    Andrew, you are right. When my heart is in the right place I can worship to any music – heck I don’t need music, I worship as it overflows from my heart.

    When I’m not in the right place however… then that’s not the case. It’s great that singing and singing these songs brings you close to Jesus and is worship. For me it does absolutely nothing; part of this I put down to being a semi-professional singer – I’m thinking about how to sing, and the style of the music affects this; the other part I don’t know.

    Please understand that what is an “awesome time of fellowship” for you can drive a wedge further between my heart and Jesus, and have compassion on those of us whose hearts are not always in the right place.

  • Peter Bowyer

    I’d like to hear why others think we have music in church, and what the purpose of it is. Is it to get us in the right place to worship, or do we need to come to church each week in the right place, so we can worship through (to?) the music?

    I know it’s biblical but… give me your thoughts :)

  • Michael Slone

    sing them with gusto! not like a slow dirge! Victoriously! In a key that works for most men. young believers still have a foot in the world; “worship music” is for the mature! Until then the “mature” need to remember Rom 15:1 and serve the younger men, “not just please ourselves.”

  • Josh Wain

    That song is “Your Love is Extravagent” by the Almost. How is it girly? When we worship, we aren’t supposed to try to look like hardy tough men, we are supposed to surrender ourselves to God in true, awe-inspired worship. It isn’t about looking like a bunch of macho men, it is about dropping that stupid tough, macho façade and glorifying God.

  • Rafael Juarez III

    All Arise by M.W.Smith is definitely a high worship song that men would love to sing

  • Brandon

    I think we have to submit to the truth that Men and Women are communicated to each other differently. A congregational singing time should have a mix of both types of song. A song is “girly” when it uses imagery that speaks to the wants and desires of women in relationship. A manly song is different in that it arouses a mans sense of purpose and provokes him to action. Both are necessary but men have definitely been left out in the last 100years. Look at an old hymn book and you will see mainly songs and girly songs together. Content more important than style.

  • Ted Larson

    Let me add number 56: Days of Elijah. Check out the video on this site. I think you will agree, this is the way men should be worshiping the Most High God.

  • b1ackhawk

    Oh, but it is. There are certainly men who are totally comfortable with what you suggest, and there is nothing wrong with that, but the fact is that most are not. I’ll make a slight correction though, it’s not about looking like a tough guy, it’s that being a tough guy feels right and feeling like a sissy feels wrong. You can argue all you want about what’s girly and what’s not, but that’s not going to get men into church. Christ chose a group of 12 men (exclusively) to disciple and he did not tell them “I long for you to come together in a personal relationship with me so you can feel my extravagant love”. He told them to drop what they are doing and follow him, but understand that people will hate them and want them dead because of him, if they’re not down with that, then don’t waste his time. That’s what men respond to, Christ understood it, why is it so hard for the modern church to understand?