Man HidingInteresting article in the Wall Street Journal: Where have all the good men gone? It’s a review of a new book titled, “Manning Up: How the Rise of Women has Turned Men into Boys.”

The book points out that young women are better educated, more ambitious and more “together” than the men their age. They often have better careers and make more money. As recently as 20 years ago, men led in all these categories.

The author believes that as more of society’s power shifts toward women, men are feeling disempowered. Confused about their roles in society, they slip into a prolonged adolescence. In times past, men became doctors and women became nurses. Today, women become doctors — and men play video games.

This shift is nothing new in the church, where power has been flowing toward women for more than a century. While pastors tend to be male, laywomen have dominated church life since the Victorian era. Churchwomen gained so much political clout during the 1920s they were able to pass two controversial amendments to the U.S. Constitution: women’s suffrage and Prohibition. Today , women are 57% more likely than men to hold a leadership position in the local church (other than senior pastor). Churches have long been “armies of women with a few male officers.”

So, has Christianity’s “rise of women” turned men into boys, spiritually speaking?

These days it’s hard to find a man who puts Jesus first—while it seems like Christian women are as common as boots at a rodeo. I have single, female friends who just roll their eyes when they think of the tiny crop of unmarried men who attend their churches. “There’s a great selection of weirdoes, mama’s boys and creeps,” said one woman. “I’m not being picky – I’m being honest. I’m tempted to go into a bar to meet guys – at least they’re pretending to be men.”

Married women outshine their men as well. Up to 25 percent of married, Christian women worship without their husbands each week. Women out-pray, out-give, out-witness and out-serve men.

So, has the rise of women really resulted in men’s spiritual lethargy? If so, then what can we do about it? Must women restrain themselves to get men back? Or do we simply keep doing what we’re doing and hope the men begin to take their spiritual lives seriously? I’d like to hear your thoughts…leave a comment below, or share this article by clicking on the Facebook icon.