A few months ago I wrote one of my most controversial posts: Why I’m not too excited about church planting. I asked the question, “Why are we planting thousands of new churches a year when they’re all virtual carbon copies of one another?”

In a follow up post I identified “The church planting box” with a 25-question quiz that illustrates how similar our churches are becoming.

Now I’m backing up and taking one more run at this important topic. I made you a 3-minute video to illustrate what I’m talking about:


This week’s blog post is a brief video starring ten heads of garlic. I use them to illustrate Americans’ churchgoing habits, and why we must think outside the church-planting box if we’re going to reach and disciple the unchurched.

I conclude the video with an invitation to join me at the Future of the Church Summit, sponsored by Group. The event takes place October 29 and 30 in Littleton, Colorado. Hopefully we’ll see you there.