Top 10My goal is to provide you with 52 quality blog posts per year. One of the ways I gauge the effectiveness of my posts it to count the number of comments they generate.

Here’s a list of the ten most popular posts of 2012. Please read the ones you may have missed, and ADD YOUR COMMENTS. Also, share them on Facebook. Thanks, and have a Happy New Year!

#1: Does a lack of men lead to liberalism?

#2: Are sermons becoming obsolete?

#3: What church will be like in fifty years

#4: Can a man love God but hate churchgoing?

#5: The Church for Men principles

#6: Men, superheroes and church

#7: Why men aren’t buying our core product (part one) and (part two)

#8: Is “father love” welcome in the church?

#9: The Salvation Army’s “man problem”

#10: Church growth: It’s all about the pastor