Ever since Church for Men opened its doors in 2005, there’s been a steady stream of requests for a Pastors Training Camp. Since I live in Alaska, it’s been a little tough to get one together.

However, we’ve got a plan and a vision; the next part is putting it together and making it affordable.

The camp will last three days – Tuesday through Thursday. Each pastor will be required to bring a key layman from his church along. Each camp will be limited to 16 pastors + 16 laymen.

Pastors will learn:

  • How to enjoy being with men
  • How to recruit men
  • How to disciple men
  • How men learn
  • How to deal with cranky men
  • How to deal with “angry prophets”
  • How to engage the unchurched men of the community
  • How to make their church and youth programs more man friendly
  • How to identify and remove the barriers to male participation in the church
  • How to preach a sermon that a man will never forget

Sounds good, right? Well, it sounds good to us too. If you want to stay in the loop, join our mailing list. If you can help put the camp together, send us an e-mail.