Would your church like to be more effective in its outreach to men and boys?

Church for men is now offering church consulting. We’ll train your staff and your laity how to understand men and boys – and how to meet their deepest needs.

We train with a light hand. Our goal is not to point out deficiencies, but to encourage your staff in the right direction. Our training is practical, hands on and fun!

Your weeklong training includes a men’s rally, group and individual training with staff members, churchwide training for the laity and the option to have the trainer speak in your worship services.

Training/certification typically goes like this:

  • Friday morning – David Murrow arrives
  • Friday night – Men’s rally at the church. 40 minute presentation: Why Men Hate Going to Church. Tell the men that ____________ church is going to go after guys! Invite them to next week’s church wide training session.
  • Saturday – Murrow meets with key staff.
  • Sunday – Murrow can either 1) observe or 2) speak at your services. Your option.
  • Monday – Training sessions all day with staff. Two hour lunch break to let them catch up on work, calls, etc.
  • Tuesday – One-on-one sessions with trainer. Murrow also attends youth group, committee meetings, etc. Whatever you want him to do.
  • Wednesday night – Churchwide training for the laity. Very practical. Much gentler. We focus on the positive: how to pray with men, how to talk to men about the gospel, and how to engage boys.
  • Thursday morning – Training complete.

Within 14 days your church will receive a strategy report offering encouragement and action steps.

If you’d like to learn more about Church for Men’s Church Consulting program, send us an e-mail, or fill out our speaker inquiry form. Fill in all fields that apply:

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