What if our spiritual lives came with a map?

Sounds crazy, right? But Jesus spoke of a narrow road that leads to life. So if there’s a road, why wouldn’t there be a map?

That’s the premise of my new book, “The Map: The Way of All Great Men.”

There is a map to manhood, embedded in the Gospel of Matthew. It’s a pattern of masculine development that shows up again and again in the lives of the men of scripture. Those who followed the map accomplished great things. But those who ignored it met with destruction.

So why do we need this map? Think of the ridiculous way we “make disciples” in the church today. We throw random Bible lessons at men, hoping it will change their lives. Tell me, would you train a soldier with random military exercises? Or a doctor with random medical procedures? Or a scholar with random classes? Of course not. Instead, you would place each of these men on an accepted training path – a path that had created thousands of expert soldiers, doctors and scholars.

The Bible shows us the ancient training path for male disciples. It’s the path that every great man has walked. Any other path leads to boredom, disengagment and ultimately, personal destruction.

Church for Men is in the process of developing a number of discipleship regimens based on this map. You can check our progress by visiting Three Journeys Discipleship. Our first regimen is called Men’s League.