Here are some links to other organizations that can help you and your husband. If you know of other great organizations, please let me know.

Marriage renewal and counseling:

Marriage seminars in your city:
  • Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. Guys hate marriage seminars. Why? They often focus on getting men to be more like women. This is the marriage seminar for guys. It’s hilarious. Iit’s completely fair to men – and completely liberating to women. Take your husband – he’ll thank you for it.
  • Weekend to Remember. This is the big kahuna of weekend marriage seminars. Gina and I attended this seminar early in our marriage and it was very helpful. Take our advice – stay in the hotel.

Help for men:

  • Center for Professional Excellence. This group specializes in helping high-powered male professionals (doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc.) who suffer with addiction, anger and control issues.
  • The Crucible Project. In What Your Husband Isn’t Telling You I recount the story of Stan, the man who attended the Crucible Weekend, sponsored by the Crucible Project. This life-changing weekend takes men back to the headwaters of their souls, to discover new levels of truth about themselves.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous. This organization is not just for alcoholics. It can help any man who struggles with addiction, anger or control. Encourage your man to attend a meeting near him.
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics. Helpful to any person, male or female, who grew up in a home racked by addiction, anger and dysfunction.