new books

I’m releasing two new books in the next 18 months. One is a new version of an old favorite; the other breaks new ground.

Book 1: In fall of 2010, a completely revised version of WHY MEN HATE GOING TO CHURCH hits the bookshelves. It’s reorganized from top-to-bottom. The chapters are shorter and better focused. It includes the latest research. And it makes a better case for men’s importance to congregational growth and health.

WHY MEN version 2.0 is almost completely new, with about 80 percent of its content different from its predecessor. There are new chapters on megachurches and men; how the new rock-concert worship paradigm is affecting men’s participation, and an examination of how the “Christian-Industrial Complex” is driving the feminization of Christianity. And I’ve finally produced the most requested feature: group discussion questions with each chapter (the questions will be accessible free online, so they can be printed out).

Book 2: This week I signed a contract for a brand new book titled WHAT YOUR HUSBAND ISN’T TELLING YOU. As the title implies, this book will target Christian women who are mystified by the men they’re married to. It expands on my second book, HOW WOMEN HELP MEN FIND GOD. It’s my first book for Bethany House Publishers, which approached me about the project.

I am going to be asking for your help in the coming months. As a man, what aren’t you telling your wife? What secrets do you keep? Just add them as a comment below, or you can e-mail me at