Book coverGuys, you may be put off by the title of my newest book, “What Your Husband Isn’t Telling You.” You might think it’s just a book for your wives.

But I’m already hearing from guys who are reading it and learning a lot about themselves. And they’re passing it on to their wives.

Guys, this has the real stuff in it. The stuff we are reluctant to tell anyone. See if these don’t ring true:

  • Women train their husbands to conceal the truth from them.
  • We are so frustrated when we tell you the truth and you freak out.
  • Men compare wives. The man with the best looking wife wins.
  • People say that men have all the power in society, but it doesn’t feel that way to most men.
  • Most men are afraid to admit weaknesses – especially to their wives.
  • A voice in our head tells us to have sex with every attractive woman of childbearing age.
  • Today’s level of temptation and sexual stimulation is completely unprecedented in human history.
  • Men check out women all the time. At work. At school. In public. And yes, even at church.
  • Every man keeps a sexual scrapbook filled with images and memories. Most men would love to be rid of this book. Women do not have a scrapbook.
  • Men are at their core providers and protectors. The key to our happiness is when we’re healthy in these two roles.
  • The person a man protects most his himself. Just about every dysfunction common to men springs from self-protection.
  • Masculine ways of child rearing are “out” while feminine ones are “in”
  • At work I’m a genius. At home I’m a dunce.
  • Wives who consistently refuse sex to their husbands (or who use sex as a reward for good behavior) are asking for trouble.
  • Men who share their feelings with friends or at work are ridiculed.
  • Men are tired of being seen as 100% of the problem in their marriages.
  • Many Christian men feel their wives are better at “doing church” than they are.
  • A lot of women control their husbands with their anger.
  • When I ask men where they experience God’s presence most fully, they rarely say “in church.” Instead, they almost always mention an outdoor location.
  • Women are born improvers. They treat their husbands like computer software: a product you buy once and then continuously upgrade.
  • A woman who dresses shabbily around her husband is sending him a deadly message: If you want to see a beautiful woman, look elsewhere.
  • Women, the key to his sexual enjoyment is your enjoyment. In other words, if you are enjoying sex, he’s enjoying sex. It’s all about pleasing you.
  • Don’t make your husband guess about what pleases you. Tell him.
  • Less than one-quarter of men feel actively appreciated at home.
  • Women expect their husbands to read their minds.
  • Sometimes women fall in love with their church, and husbands become jealous.
  • A lot of women manage the relationships in the household, to the point where no one has a relationship with anyone else. It all goes through mom.

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And if you’re embarrassed about being seen in public reading a book for women, just order it for your e-reader. Problem solved.