PieCharts.png.001Your church has a gender gap. Why should you care?

If you do nothing, your congregation will be dead in 30 years.

Research is clear: the bigger your man shortage, the more likely your church is in decline. The denominations with the largest gender gaps are also those that are losing the most members.

Look at the evidence: mainline churches suffer huge gender gaps, and they are losing tens of thousands of members each year. Meanwhile, non-denominational megachurches are growing fastest – and they are also the most likely to attract men.

The presence of enthusiastic male worshipers is statistically associated with the following outcomes:

  • Congregational growth
  • Congregational health
  • Unity in the church
  • Increased giving
  • Retention of young men and women

According to a study from Hartford Seminary, gender-balanced congregations are three times as likely to be growing as female-dominated churches.

Jesus showed us how to grow a healthy church: focus on men first. Christ loved women and children, but he spent most of his time and energy developing a handful of men. He knew a truth we’ve forgotten: if you transform men, you transform the family, the community and the society. Draw a man to church, and you often get the family in the bargain.

At this point you’re probably thinking, “Our church needs a men’s ministry.” Not necessarily. Instead of launching yet another program, why not focus on “manning up” the programs you already offer?

That’s our emphasis at Church for Men. We want to help you make your existing ministries compelling to men and boys. You don’t have to create something new; just learn how to imbue your existing programs with a healthy masculine spirit.