The Motorcycling Men of Findlay EV Free Church in Ohio

If your church has a lot of men, it’s probably growing, according to a study from Hartford Seminary. Meanwhile, a surplus of women makes growth much less likely.

The study, reported in the Christian Science Monitor, finds congregations that draw more men than women are three times as likely to be growing as female-dominated churches.

The study also found that a reverent worship environment was associated with church decline, while a somewhat irreverent climate led to growth. This dovetails with men’s tastes: males are the biggest consumers of humorous movies and TV shows, which often poke fun at traditions.

Multi-racial congregations and those that offer a “joyful” worship climate featuring drums are also likely to grow. The study confirmed four other growth factors experts have long known, including:

  • Location in a fast-growing suburb
  • Lots of young adults
  • Conservative theology; evangelical bent
  • Willingness to change

To read the article in the Christian Science Monitor, click here.

To download the study from Hartford Seminary, click here.