Woman SingingI hear from lots of churches and organizations that are using my books and Web site to become more welcoming to men. These messages are deeply gratifying and encouraging. Keep them coming!

But I also get a lot of messages like this one:

Dave, you are dead on in your conclusions about men in church.

I sat way in the back at our service Sunday. I sat with my next-door neighbor who came to Christ a couple years ago.

The men around me —except for me and another guy two rows back — were just standing there with their hands in their pockets while the worship leader sang in near falsetto. He is a terrific guy, but in my section he was singing with the women.

This is not a complaint but it does disturb me. As the men’s pastor I hear all the time how unengaged the men are. My answer: THEN ENGAGE THEM!

So how about you? Are you engaged at church – particularly during the music? What is your church doing to engage the men?

And here’s what I really want to know: are things better or worse for the men in your congregation than they were 2 years ago? Please add your comments below.