Grace United Methodist was a typical mainline congregation in a small Midwestern town. Attendance was dwindling. Members were graying.

But Grace found a way to grow again — without giving up its traditions. Grace kept its hymns, organ, liturgy and stained glass. You won’t find a drum set in this church — but you will find something that’s missing in many mainline congregations: lots of enthusiastic men.

Men have been key to Grace’s turnaround. In the past two years Grace has added a third worship service, expanded its sanctuary, increased its parking and trained more volunteers to work in its growing children’s ministry.

See how Grace United Methodist became one of America’s fastest growing traditional congregations — simply by engaging its men. Order “Amazing Grace: A Church for Men” on DVD from our online store. 

Your DVD will include three programs:

  1. Amazing Grace: A Church for Men, the 14-minute documentary that shows how Grace UMC began to grow again by focusing on men and boys.
  2. Follow-up interview with Grace UMC’s pastor. David Murrow checked in with Rev. Jen Wilson to see how things have been going.
  3. Next steps. A brief instructional video from David Murrow with tips for churches that want to grow again – by becoming more welcoming to men and boys.

So if a small, rural, liturgical, 160-year-old mainline church that sings hymns accompanied by an organ, led by a woman, can reach men—what’s stopping you?

You’ve tried all the other church growth strategies. Why not employ the one Jesus used? Order your DVD today.