Podcast iconDo you know a great story I could share with several thousand of my closest friends?

I’m launching the Church for Men Podcast in May. I’ll be interviewing some of the leading voices in ministry to men. I’ll also be identifying cutting edge tools that have the potential to reach more men and boys.

I’ve already got two interviews in the can. You’ll meet Craig Cable of Lifetree Café, an exciting new way to bring people into a conversation about God and life. And you’ll meet Kyle Ivy, a Methodist minister who’s finding an online audience of men with his hilarious three-minute sermons.

Do you know of someone who’s doing great things with men and boys? Someone who’s got an interesting story to tell? If so, drop me a line at: david@churchformen.com.

This podcast is also going to be a VODCAST. I’ll be video recording my interviews over Skype, so you’ll be able to see and hear about the latest, greatest stuff in men’s ministry.

Attention women: I’m also launching a second vodcast called, “Speaking of Men.” I’m teaming up with Dr. Michelle Watson, a licensed counselor from Portland. Michelle and I take calls from women around the world who have questions about the men in their lives. Speaking of Men will also launch in May. If something is puzzling you about a guy in your life, please send me a message: david@churchformen.com.

You’ll be able to subscribe to the podcasts and have them streamed to your mobile device through our distribution partner, the E-squared Media Network.