Man with mapDo you know a man whose spiritual life is stuck in neutral? A man who’s not really moving forward or backward in his walk with God?

That was me a few years ago. I loved the Lord, but spiritual routines had become a bore. I went to church, but I had no sense of forward progress as a Christian – or as a man.

A few years ago I was praying to God about this. And he showed me something in the Bible that’s revolutionized my walk with God. I call it, “The Map.”

Christ spoke of a narrow road that leads to life. Jesus left us a map of this road – embedded in every copy of the New Testament. You’ve probably looked at it a hundred times and never seen it.

This map reveals the three spiritual journeys that every man of God has walked. Men like Moses, Elijah, David*, Paul, and Jesus himself all followed this map. They became powerful, courageous men who changed the world. But those men who ignored the map met with mediocrity – or destruction.

I wrote a book describing this map – how to find it, and how to follow it in your daily walk. Men all over the world are reading this book, discovering The Map and finding new direction in their spiritual lives.

Why do men need a map for their spiritual lives?

I don’t know about you, but half the excitement of taking a trip is pulling out the maps and planning my route. Men like to know where they’re going and what they can expect along the way. The Map gives men an overview of their spiritual lives – in the form of a real, ink-on-paper map. Instead of wandering aimlessly as Christians, men who read The Map know which direction to walk – and what to expect next as they travel with Jesus.

It also shows men how to balance the two sides of their personality, just as Jesus did. Christ was both the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God. The map shows men when to be a lion and when to be a lamb. When to fight – and when to turn the other cheek.

Whenever I lead a men’s retreat, I teach the map. It leads to fantastic conversations. It’s thrilling to see a man’s face light up when he sees an actual map of his spiritual life for the very first time.

Best of all, The Map is a book men will actually read. I wrote the first half in the style of a Jason Bourne thriller – complete with a mystery, a dead body, an abduction, secret messages, etc. Read the reviews on Amazon – most men who pick up The Map can’t put it down.

So, back to the original question: do you know a man whose spiritual life is stuck in neutral? A good man who’s seeking direction in his walk with God? Get him an autographed copy of “The Map” for Christmas. I’ll sign it myself – and if you provide the recipient’s name with your order, I’ll personalize it for him, as in, “To Roger, from David Murrow.”

To get your personalized copy of “The Map” click here. To watch a preview video of the map or to learn more about the three journeys every man of God must walk, click here.

*King David completed the first two journeys but ignored the third. And as a result the nation of Israel is suffering to this day.