The fastest growing churches in North America have something in common – they’re brimming with enthusiastic men. Studies have shown that male involvement is one of the surest predictors of church growth and health.

But there’s a problem. The average church in North America draws an adult crowd that’s just 39% male. And most of the men who do attend services seem passive and bored. Faithful men are becoming rarer in church today – while godly women are as common as boots at a rodeo.

As men have left the church, attendance and participation have declined. Eighty-five percent of America’s congregations are not growing. The church is older and more female than it’s ever been.

Ninety percent of U.S. men believe in God. Five out of six call themselves Christians. But only one out of six men can be found in church on a given weekend. Men love God – but just aren’t interested in church.

Attend our dynamic half-day seminar: Grow Your Men — and Your Church Will Grow.

You’ll learn:

  • Why men avoid church
  • How to teach for the male brain
  • Why men’s ministry isn’t the answer
  • How to create a boy-friendly Sunday school
  • How to turn pew sitters into disciples
  • How to be masculine – but not macho
  • Why churches feminize over time
  • Why men flock to megachurches
  • How to keep teen boys in youth group
  • How to balance masculine & feminine
  • How to lead men in worship.
  • What young men want in a church

Your instructor: David Murrow, author of the bestselling book Why Men Hate Going to Church


Murrow is an entertaining speaker who handles his taboo subject with humor and grace. His fast-paced persentation will have you laughing and squirming as you discover the many ways church drives men crazy.

David’s books have sold more than 150,000 copies in a dozen languages. He’s been interviewed on PBS, NBC Nightly News and Fox News Channel to name a few.


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Hudson (Cleveland) Ohio – Saturday, May 6, 2015