Here are some links to other great ministries and individuals:

Resources to help you teach men

Bluefish TV
Have you got two bucks? Then come here to download a video clip that illustrates your message visually.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use clips from popular movies to leaven your lessons.

Group’s Hands-On Bible Curriculum
Transform boring Sunday school lessons into active, kinetic experiences that boys and girls will love.

Sermon Spice
A cornucopia of sermon illustrations: verbal, audio and visual available for download.

Men’s Ministry Organizations

A great Men’s Development curriculum. Topical. Straightforward.

Noble Warriors
These guys build men’s ministries in local churches. Mike Young is someone you want to get to know.

New Commandment Men’s Ministries
They’ve figured out a way to combine service, study and socializing into a simple, three-hour-a-month package. Men adopt a widow or single mom. Check it out.

Iron Sharpens Iron
Brian Doyle is PK veteran who figured out a model for regional men’s conferences that really works. Check out a conference near you.

Man in the Mirror
Pat Morley has built an awesome organization for pastors and church leaders who want to reach men. These guys offer a National Training Center in Florida for those who want to start and sustain men’s ministries in their local congregations. They also distribute a ton of books to local churches, usually for $1, for mass distribution at holidays.

Men’s Fraternity
Men’s Fraternity is the brainchild of Robert Lewis, one of America’s leading ministers to men. Lewis is a straight shooter who deals with the real wounds in men’s lives and gives men an authentic vision of manhood. This ministry offers top-quality videos and books to use as curriculum for your men’s group.

Top Gun Ministries
According to their web site: Top Gun Men’s Ministries helps local Christian churches develop their men’s ministries and men’s groups through comprehensive training, workshops, resources, tapes, coaching, and more.

Building Brothers
Check these guys out. They understand the need for building men into “spiritual fathers.”

Band of Brothers
Not to be confused with the previous link. These guys launch men’s ministries in local churches and offer retreats in Colorado.

Men’s Ministry Catalyst
More than hunting and fishing — a method for discipling the men in your church.

Ransomed Heart
John Eldredge’s site. Sign up for his “Wild at Heart Boot Camp.” If you can get a space…

Christian Outdoorsman
The best site for men who want to connect with others who love the great outdoors.

Other great resources

The Alpha Course
What is one of the best ways to men with God? Let them ask questions. The Alpha Course is great for men because it lets them pursue God through personal exploration. Men can ask questions in a non-threatening environment. Most Alpha groups also include the other key to male engagment: FOOD!

Christianity Explored
Said to be a manlier alternative to Alpha. Check it out.

Personality Inventories & Tests
Your Unique Design is the best site I’ve found. Learn how you are shaped to serve in the body of Christ.

Denominational Sites for Men’s Ministry

Evangelical Lutheran Men
Lutheran Men in Mission is the site for the ELCA. Check out their study of young men — it’s a real eye-opener.

Assemblies of God Men
One of the best denominational web sites for men. Sponsored by the Assemblies of God.