Fifty ways to make your church more appealing to men

In September 2011 I released a revised version of my first book, Why Men Hate Going to Church. I boiled down some of the book’s main recommendations into a checklist. FIFTY WAYS TO MAKE YOUR CHURCH MORE APPEALING TO MEN: Front door experience: Maintain your buildings and grounds Put men in the parking lot to…

Churchgoing = Pink to Men?

Hello Kitty on PolicemanThe Chief of Police in Bangkok, Thailand has discovered the ultimate punishment for wayward officers: they must wear a pink armband emblazoned with “Hello Kitty,” a cutesy favorite of under-10 girls.

Other punishments have not deterred tardiness, double parking and littering among officers, but acting chief Pongpat Chayaphan believes the armbands will do the trick. “After this policy came out, the police are scared,” he said. “It will be very embarrassing to walk around with Hello Kitty on your arm.”

What’s so bad about a pink armband? This seemingly benign corrective strikes a double-whammy at the heart of manhood. Every man fears being perceived as feminine (pink) and childish (hello Kitty).

Sadly, churchgoing has become a pink armband for many men. It’s a sign of weakness, childishness and femininity.