Sacramento California Men’s Leagues

There are now active Men’s Leagues in Sacramento, CA.

The League was pioneered in 2012 by Dan Axtell, who created a modified version of Men’s League for his guys. Dan is the pastor of Restoration Life Church, a plant in downtown Sacramento.

Dan created a book curriculum on manhood for his men to study. He took about a third of his content from his years with Campus Crusade. He took a third from Henry Blackaby. And the final third came from the Design for Life curriculum.

These Men’s League groups do not have living parables/ordeals mentioned in the orientation videos. Instead, Dan and his coaches issue a 365 Bible reading and journaling challenge to every man. The coaches check their men’s journals to see if they’ve done their reading.

The men meet 24 times – every other week, over the course of one year. During the “off week” men are encouraged to meet with a buddy. At the end of the year each man creates a blueprint for life. Then they split the groups and recruit more men to for additional leagues.

In their first year of Men’s League Dan recruited 12 guys – and all 12 made it through. In the second year they recruited 68 guys, and 53 made it through.

Dan is now working with other churches in the Sacramento area to spread the concept of Men’s League.

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