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  • The Church’s Planned Parenthood moment October 6, 2015
    Planned Parenthood is under siege over government funding. The church will face a similar barrage in the not-too-distant future over its tax exempt status.
  • Our new moral framework (part 3 of 3) October 1, 2015
    Every Christian institution maternalizes over time. This includes Christian Universities, charities, mission organizations and of course, churches.
  • Our new moral framework (part 2 of 3) September 22, 2015
    Like a she-bear protecting her cubs, society mauls anyone who does or says anything that’s perceived as insensitive or unnurturing.
  • Our new moral framework (part 1 of 3) September 16, 2015
    There's a new moral framework in the Western world. It's neither conservative nor liberal. It's changing how we think, what we value and even how we perceive reality. It is the foundation upon which modern morality rests.

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